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Partnership Opportunity
Through a partnership with Transaction Wireless your business can leverage wCharge and begin capturing the vast mobile payments market. wCharge is a powerful white-label mobile payments solution that operates on any existing mobile device giving your merchants the ability to process credit card payments on the go.

White Label
As a white label solution, wCharge is ideal for companies looking to bring a custom branded mobile payments solution to market.

Expand Your Market
Tap into a completely new market segment and provide existing customers with a new innovative mobile POS terminal.

No Equipment Costs
With wCharge your merchants use their existing mobile device, therefore no additional phone line or equipment is required.

Secure and Safe
wCharge is PCI and PA-DSS compliant and all credit card details are encrypted and transmitted using industry standard SSL.

Low Cost Acquisition
wCharge is an affordable solution for any size ISO, MSP or payment gateway looking to enter the world of mobile payments.

Easy to Set Up
Merchants simply follow a three step setup process and they'll be ready to start accepting credit card payments.

Real-Time Processing
All transactions are processed in real-time helping to reduce fraudulent transactions and ensuring your merchants get paid faster.

Increase Transactions
With a mobile payments solution you can encourage merchants to process payments using their existing cell phone anytime, anywhere.


wCharge is priced to meet the individual needs of each ISO, MSP and payment gateway. Please contact us for pricing information.

wCharge - Accept Credit Cards On Your Mobile Phone
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Support / Technical help
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